Every child is unique and every child has different learning needs.

At Dharani, we provide students with the support they need in order to set and meet individual learning targets. Differentiation is an integral part of teaching and learning. This may involve utilizing collaborative and cooperative learning, a variety of learning practices, creative approaches to teaching and learning, differing formats and modes of exploring and presenting knowledge and understanding being made available to the students. However, in those cases where students require instruction beyond regular teaching practices, learning support is provided.

Support is carefully tailored to the needs of the individual, with a strong emphasis on multi-sensory learning, and developing strategies and methods that can be used by the student to underpin independent learning across the curriculum. Lessons are normally either literacy or mathematics based, and as a student progresses through the school the emphasis shifts more to study skills, essay writing and revision techniques.

Students need support for any of these reasons:
  • display difficulties or live with conditions that are a barrier to learning and therefore need particular teaching strategies for classroom management and effective education.
  • display a higher than average aptitude in one or more subjects that requires adaptation and extension of the curriculum.
  • have the aptitude to meet all curriculum and assessment requirements but require support to reach their full potential in learning and assessment.
  • require support to access teaching and learning including planned strategies to access curricular instruction and assessment.