Dharani Vidhya Manthir adopts a highly student centric approach to its teaching pedagogy and way of life at the campus. At the heart is the idea that people learn best when engrossed in the topic, motivated to seek out new knowledge and skills because they need them in order to solve the problem at hand. The goal is active exploration, construction, and learning rather than the passivity of lecture attendance and textbook reading.

Learning is Personalized

Personalized learning recognizes that students engage in different ways. Students benefit from individually paced, targeted learning tasks that address the students' needs and interests.

Learning is Competency-Based

Students move ahead when they have demonstrated mastery of content, not when they’ve reached a certain birthday or undergone the required hours in a classroom.

Learning Happens Anytime, Anywhere

Learning takes place beyond the traditional school day and even the school year. The school’s walls are permeable—learning is not restricted to the classroom.

Students Take Ownership Over Their Learning

Student-centered learning engages students in their own success and incorporates their interests and skills into the learning process. Students support one another’s progress and celebrate success.

Student centric methods

The major theme is one of focusing education around a set of realistic, intrinsically motivating problems.Students work to solve these problems, often in groups, often in over-extended periods of time.Teachers carefully structure the problems so that in the course of solution, students naturally pass through and acquire all topics of relevance. The students might not even notice they are undergoing instruction and learning, for the education occurs naturally in the course of activity.

Class room interaction

Class room discussions are common place, and these extend primarily in the form of thought-provoking questions raised by the teacher or open ended debates on topics.

  • Question-answer sessons
  • Classroom debates

Activity centered method

Activity centered method is more effective and durable in providing learning experiences. Students take interest and learn things via learning by doing.

  • Using real objects & models
  • Projects in class & at home
  • Shift classroom
  • Puzzles & Games

Inductive-Deductive method

Along with delivering lectures, teachers use inductive- deductive method to develop scientific attitude among students. Experimental/Laboratory method is used in science subjects to acquaint the students with the facts through direct experience individually. Students verify the facts and laws of the subject with the help of experiments

  • Science Laboratory
  • Atal Tinkering Laboratory
  • Maths Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory

Technology based learning

Faculty members are well acquainted with use of ICT during class room. Teaching and lectures are given through power point presentation by most of the faculty members, e-contents are also provided to students,

  • Powerpoint presentations on projector
  • Subjectwise e-content
  • Telegram based asynchronous teaching
  • School app based homework