Located in prime area in Mannargudi town, the school occupies a sumptuous area, well planned with facilities for the disabled such as an elevator. A great part of the school area is devoted to the playground, with an attached play pen for the toddlers.


Constructed with a pucca boundary wall, the school building is an icon and fa├žade of Mannargudi. Modern building techniques coupled with traditional strength, gives the school building the necessary stability and safety it requires.


Our school houses a vast playground for students to practice and play athletics and outdoor games such as volleyball, throwball, hockey, kabadi, football, cricket, etc. It also has a small play pen for the smaller children to enjoy and explore.


A modern and safe play pen has been constructed for use by toddlers. It has slides, swings, see-saws and playhouses as well as climbing facilities. The flooring is soft, easy to maintain and safe for children to play on.