At DVM, we provide various sports facilities. Students are allowed to choose sports according to their own interest. Playing sports is highly encouraged so that they can develop their interpersonal qualities like self-confidence, competence, sportsmanship and descipline

Large playground

The school has a large plaground to allow students to play a variety of outdoor sports. It is covered with find sand that is kept clean and maintained by housekeeping staff everday.

Cricket Academy

Recently begun, the school provides intensive cricket coaching for both boys and girls of different age groups. A netting practise pitch is available as well. A specialist coach is employed for this purpose.


The vast ground provides ample space for athletic practice. The track space is used for conducting the various annual intra-school & inter-school sports events. Sports day for all ages is conducted in the same space.


Our Indian National Sport is very popular in our school, and rigorous training is pursued by our students in the morning and evening. Many of our students have won at the district and state level.


A popular sport in Tamil Nadu, has many admirers and wannabees in our school as well. Good stamina training and practice is given to those interested.

Volleyball & Throwball

Traning and practice is given for volloyball and throwball aspirants regularly. These sports are available for both boys and girls.

Physical Training

The benefits of physical education in schools are far-reaching, including both increased student physical health and better academic performance.By promoting physical education (P.E.) in our schools, we are in a prime position to help students establish life-long healthy behavior patterns and boost scholastic success.