Various pristine facilities are made available for the students to make their learning environment as homely and safe as possible. A fusion of a traditional homely workflow with modern amenities makes it a suitable place for holistic learning.


Classrooms, the everyday pillars of teaching are well structured, with modern amenities such as comfortable furniture, smart boards and projectors, attractive book shelves. Classrooms house colourful furniture to make the rooms pleasing and child friendly.


Libraries support the curriculum, promote literacy development, and foster lifelong reading habits among children through the development of carefully selected print collections and the infusion of educational technology. Our school library hosts a large room with a vide collection of fiction, non-fiction, academic books, journals and magazines.

Continuous RO Water

Provision of safe and adequate drinking water in provided in the school through a RO plant. In-house borewells pump water to a tank which is then filtered through RO to all pipes throughout the school. This ensures the safety of children and keeping them away from any water-borne infections, but at the same time ensuring they always keep themselves quenched in the tropical southern climate.


A modern elevator lifts are provided in the school to aid teachers in quickly moving to their classes. It also aids in helping providing accessibility for physically-unwell students. These are modern elevators made by Johnson Lifts with battery backup ensuring the highest standards of safety.

Fire Safety

We take fire safety very seriously, and to that effect every classroom has two doors. Most of the furniture in our classrooms are made of steel instead of the highly inflammable wood. Fire extinguishers & mud buckets are placed at strategic locations throughout the school. Two separate exit staircases are also available.

Closed Monitoring

The safety of our school children is of paramount importance to us, and hence we have CCTV cameras installed throughout the campus, monitoring passageways, playground, parking lots, etc. Your child is always in safe hands.