Rules to abide by

At Dharani Vidhya Manthir we believe in helping children develop positive, contributing personalities and realise their full potential in accordance with our core purpose and values . We encourage children to take responsibility for their actions (corresponding with their age and maturity) through self-discipline, which we feel is the basis of emotional intelligence. This self-discipline must emerge not only from the rules of the school, but also from a sense of respect for others, the institution and community as a whole.

School Rules

  • Students are expected to be in school by 8:40 a.m. The first bell is rung at 8:30 a.m. and the second bell at 8:35 a.m. School gates will be closed at 8:40 a.m.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a dignified and responsible manner.
  • Students are forbidden from bringing objectionable literature/material to school or to make purchases from hawkers (outside the school gate).
  • Any damage done to the school property/premises will enforce punitive measure of imposing fine and/or suspension or dismissal from school.
  • The school is not responsible for the loss of article(s) of value in the school premis
  • Bringing mobile phones is strictly not allowed. If a student is caught with a mobile phone, the same shall be confiscated and not returned by the school authority.
  • Students are accountable to the school authorities for their behaviour both inside and outside the schooll, particularly when in the school uniform.
  • Students must keep the school and class rooms clean
  • Students are not allowed to drive two wheelers to school, other than cycles. If they ride a bicycle, it is the students responsibility to keep the vehicle locked at all times and park in the allotted space inside school premises. Students should take care while riding bicycles and wear biking helmets.
  • No student shall indulge in any of the following:
  • Skipping/bunking classes, or reporting late to class, Non-submission of assignments and notebooks, usage of abusive language, bullying, open defiance and rude behaviour, bursting crackers, throwing colour or painting faces in school, excessive spending and flaunting of money in school, spitting in the school premises or any other form of disruptive or violent behaviour
  • The violation of the school rules will be viewed seriously
  • Students found using unfair means during examinations will be marked zero in that subject
  • These students will not be eligible for any academic awards or school appointments.
  • Students are expected to use acceptable language on school property, on buses, and while participating in extracurricular activity
  • Inappropriate language will result in behaviour support consequences.
  • Cigarettes, alcohol, non-prescription drugs and gum are prohibited in school property and other premises at all tim
  • Class monitors shall maintain the class discipline in the absence of the teacher. All students should cooperate with the monitor in maintaining the discipline of the class.