Mission Statement

The Mission of Dharani Vidhya Manthir is to provide and educational environment to foster students with

  • Highest academic standards
  • Great analytical minds
  • Compassionate and sensitive hearts
  • Safe and nurturing school environment that supports and encourages lifelong learning, positive self-esteem and understanding
  • Resources and opportunities that enhance learning
  • Recognize and respect the multicultural and international diversity of our school community

Vision Statement

To build value – centered, future- ready, global youth who will posses the virtues of compassion, intelligence and integrity to serve society for a better tomorrow.

Key Policies

  • We create a motivating and nurturing school environment that supports and encourages lifelong learning
  • Professional and proficient teachers with a passion for education
  • Well-researched and thoughtful school curriculum and delivery, which promotes creativity, curiosity, determination, interdependence, self-reliance adaptability and teamwork
  • Provide an integrated learning approach with emphasis on experimentation, self-discovery, high level of engagement, hands-on experience and exam preparation
  • Create a stimulating learning environment that active learners and nurtures their thinking, analyzing and learning capabilities


"Observation more than books, experience more than persons are the prime educators"

We constantly endeavour to line up with this ideology and inculcate it in everything we do, with the aim we will be able to ensure holistic activity based quality education in a healthy competitive environment.

A School is a haven of not only academic excellence but its primordial duty is to empower each and every child under its umbrella with experiential learning to become lifelong learners and to provide them with an atmosphere for self-discovery by allowing them to be creative, observant and curious.

Dharani Vidhya Manthir always strives to stand apart by channelizing the potential of the students in their pursuit of excellence.