A Temple of Learning

Dharani Vidhya Manthir (CBSE), established in 2017, is a youthful institution which boasts a strength of 500 students and 36 staff.

A school is a haven of not only academic excellence but its primordial duty is to empower each and every child under its umbrella with experiential learning to become lifelong learners and to provide them with an atmosphere for self-discovery by allowing them to be creative, observant and curious.

  • World Class Infrastructure with a large playground
  • Well qualified and experienced teaching faculty
  • Variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

DVM always strives to stand apart by channelizing the potential of the students in their pursuit of excellence. With this thought in mind, we aim to give the best school experience by continually investing in new and existing facilities, training, technology and services.

Our priorities

We share an ardent passion for the articulate upbringing of your child, and to that effect we bring to the fore a number of features, facilities, and technical skills we give utmost importance to. A few of them are listed below

Discipline & Safety 100%
Practical enjoyable learning 90%
Developing a healthy body & spirit through work and play 75%
Enhancing your talent & skillset 55%


Our school has received much positive feedback from parents whose children used to be enrolled at DVM and from some our alumni as well. Parents’ constant unwavering support strengthens our belief in ourselves. A big Thank You !